We have broken down our products into width categories on our website to help you pick the right width for your dog’s size.
There are exceptions to the rule, but basically, the smaller the dog the narrower the collar. The narrowest collar we sell is 10-16mm wide,
which is very skinny. collars are great for Chihuahuas, yorkshire terrierand very small-framed dogs. The widest collars we sell are 50mm,
which is a great size for Mastiffs, Large framed power breeds, and dogs with long necks.

SMALL FRAMED DOGS ( 7kg dogs ): Dogs this size generally have 20-30cm necks.
MEDIUM FRAMED DOGS ( 10-15kg dogs ): Dogs this size generally have 30-50cm necks.
LARGER FRAMED DOGS ( 20-30 kg dogs ): Dogs this size generally have 50-70cm necks.
EXTRA LARGE FRAMED DOGS ( 35 + kg dogs ): Dogs this size generally have 70+cm necks.

Don’t know how to check collar size ? This isn’t a problem. Look at the pictures bellow.
fleksas primer
Example of how to choose the right size of collar (from the beginning to the last hole).
Hope this information will help You.
Have fun and never hesitate to email us if you have questions or would
like to have a collar made by